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Sobering Reminder

The recent release of Bitter Harvest, a movie directed by George Mendeiuk playing now in theatres throughout Canada and in Winnipeg portrays the tragedy that occurred in Ukraine during Soviet era. This is a very historical movie production based on the events that led up to the Holodomor famine-genocide, from 1932-33 in Ukraine. The movie has a fascinating story of love, honour, rebellion and survival, of people trying to live through the atrocity of a man-made famine in Ukraine.

After viewing the movie, I must state that the story brought a greater awareness of the Holodomor to my attention. The Holodomor was one of the saddest and most tragic of chronicles in the history of the Ukrainian nation. Millions of Mennonites and Ukrainians perished of starvation their lives ended in the most ignoble of circumstances.

The movie identified how the Holodomor was perpetrated by Josef Stalin, not only to eliminate the last traces of resistance to collectivization of farmland but also to promulgate and validate the aims and dogmas of Soviet Communism.

The movie Bitter Harvest had a message. The man-made famine in Ukraine and other famines that have occurred throughout the world will never be forgotten. Famine-genocides have no place in world society. They are painful and ever-fading memory in the minds of eyewitnesses and survivors. As Canadians of different cultural backgrounds, we stand determined that inhuman acts shall never be allowed to happen.

Published on Friday, March 10th in the Winnipeg Free Press.

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Peter J. Manastyrsky is an active member of the Ukrainian community in Winnipeg.

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