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Vyshyvanka march Winnipeg

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to thank you all for coming, thanks everyone who helped Prosvita and Myloserdya. Special thanks to Sofia, Dobryan, Nestor and Darren who took the time to lead our sing a long – you guys were great.

Key moments:

  • weather (despite dull forecasts that promised 60-70% chances of rain, the sky was clear).
  • attendance (we were expecting around 100 people, in fact there were more than 200, thank you for proving us wrong, there were many people we saw for the first time on our events, hopefully we all together will be doing much more for preservation and promotion of our heritage and culture, helping Ukraine today and in future)
  • vyshyvanky (aren’t they great? 100+ years old, handmade, from different parts of Ukraine, on little boys and girl, their grandmothers and grandfathers…)
  • sing a long (great idea that we need to do more often; song books have to be compiled  and everyone should learn those great songs; can not forget about neverending “Вівчара в садочку в тихому куточку, жде дівчина, жде” – that was awesome)

Here are some photos and video. If you have anything to share, please send to info@ukrainianwinnipeg.ca

Photos from Iwan K. Norbert: https://www.facebook.com/norbert.k.iwan

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