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Vyshyvanka Day @ Oseredok


Vyshyvanka Day at Oseredok

You might own one and you certainly have seen one. A vyshyvanka, the familiar dress code for many Ukrainian celebrations, is a Ukrainian top (e. g. shirt, blouse, T-shirt, hoody) with Ukrainian embroidery ornamentation.  Based on the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt of rural folk apparel, it has been successfully adapted to contemporary urban fashion.

Wear your vyshyvanka on Vyshyvanka Day, celebrated by Ukrainians in Ukraine and all over the world on the third Thursday of May. This year it falls on May 19 and Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre together with “Myloserdia” Humanitarian Association of Ukrainian Volunteers are hosting a Vyshyvanka Walk from City Hall to Oseredok (6:15 to 6:30 pm), followed by a juried Vyshyvanka Competition (from about 7 pm on),  snacks and a sing-along.

Wearing a vyshyvanka is about celebrating or affirming one’s identity, creating a sense of cultural pride and national solidarity, and promoting artistic cultural expression. Join us for the fun of it!


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