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Day of Heroes

  There are two pretty interesting holidays in the United States: Memorial Day and Veterans Day. On the former, all veterans of all wars in which Americans participated are remembered. Veterans Day honors all living combatants who have served in the ...

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Study regarding the events in Ukraine

A group of researchers from the University of Limerick, Ireland and University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy is conducting a study regarding the events in Ukraine. Please, make your contribution and share this survey among Ukrainian community abroad. The questionnaire is in ...

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Time for changes!

By Borys Lehkar Recent events in Crimea, and south-eastern Ukraine prompted me to write this article. The overall situation in those regions is more dangerous, and unpredictable, than in centre, or west. This is the result of the toothless policy ...

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Winnipeg newcomers guide

Dear friends, We would like to start a crowdsourcing project – “Winnipeg Newcomers Guide”  for Ukrainians that are planning or have just arrived to Winnipeg. Everything, starting with basic info about the city to detailed instructions on where and how ...

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Звернення до українців Манітоби

Вчора отримали такого листа, що думаєте? Дорогі брати і сестри! Мене звати Володимир Макар. Сьогодні прочитав на сайті http://www.echo.msk.ru/blog/babkin_k/1273470-echo/ заклик до москвичів підтримати агресію Росії до України! Автор статті Константін Бабкін, директор фірми Buhler Industries, Inc. 1260 Clarence Avenue , ...

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