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Ukraine – Crowned the World Soccer Champion 2019 FIFA Under 20 Cup Winner

The next World FIFA Cup soccer tournament will be held in Qatar in 2022, a northeast country off the Arabian Peninsula area in the Middle East. This worldwide tournament will truly be an international sport event, popular like the Olympics, held every four years bringing together the top international teams after three years of qualifying matches.

The World Cup defies political, social and economic boundaries and is often the thread linking cultures and nations. The Cup is memorable because of the grandeur, global relevance, prestige and popularity of the sport.

 Many of us might ask the question what is soccer? Soccer is universal in its simplicity, the fact that the game can be played anywhere. This beautiful game has some frustrating and magnificent moments, but in the end, it unifies the world. Soccer is unique in its ability to bridge differences and overturn national prejudices, creating tolerance and understanding.

 Why do we fall in love with soccer? Good soccer is beautiful. A team kicking the ball to each other, passing into empty space that is suddenly filled by a player who wasn’t there two seconds ago and who is running at full pelt and who without looking or breaking stride knocks the ball back to a third player; then passes the ball to land on the head of a fourth player who has run a distance to get there and who again all in stride, jumps and heads the ball.

 Soccer does have a deep beauty, a beauty at times hard to describe or talk about but everyone watching discovers for themselves, it is, it can be, a beautiful game. As a spectator, once you have been attracted into a game, there is no getting out. The players stay with a flow, maintain the rhythm, press for advantage, preserving all the skill, locking and shifting patterns; the spectator shares this experience.

 Soccer is played everywhere and fans from all the corners of the globe follow the popular sport. In the spring of 2019 countless spectators and players worldwide gravitated to Poland to watch the 2019 World FIFA Under 20 Cup.

 Ukraine played in the biennial international men’s youth soccer (football) tournament, the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup. The tournament was under the auspices of FIFA (Federal International Football Association) and this world match was inceptionized since 1977. The hosting nation for this 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup was Poland, games from May 23rd to June 15th. There were 24 teams from all the continents, six world teams within each group, a total of 52 matches.

 Ukraine was in group 3 with Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Argentina, Ecuador and Honduras. In the end, Ukraine was victorious, winning the overall 2019 FIFA Under 20 World Cup over South Korea (3-1) in the final, played at the Lodz stadium, Poland.

 Before the final game, Ukraine defeated Panama (4-1) in the round robin, Columbia (1-0) quarter finals, and Italy (1-0) in the semi-final match. Being victorious against South Korea in the final, the Ukrainian squad identified the fact that this was a first for the under 20 team to win a FIFA competition tournament since 1991 (Ukrainian independence year) or going back to the Soviet republic era.

 From that World tournament, FIFA recognized three Ukrainian players with a distinguished award; Andrij Lunin as the best goalkeeper, Serhij Buletsa achieving the most outstanding player during the tournament and Danylo Sikan, the silver boot trophy, top goal scorer.

 Ukraine and the Ukrainian community in the Diaspora acknowledge the blue and yellow Under 20 World Cup winners, a distinguished accomplishment, СЛАВА КОМАНДІ – СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ.

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