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The Triumph of the Miserable

This article was written on the day when occupied Crimea was proclaimed a part of Russian Federation and has originally been posted in Russian by a prominent Ukrainian blogger, director of State Line Media Group and owner of www.politikum.in.ua, a native of Luhansk, Alex Zavodyuk.

Original post can be found here: http://www.zavodyuk.com/post/19mar2014/politics/24-torzhestvo-ubogih.html


There is no need to curse Russians, they’re already cursed by others. Let’s not sin.



Your great Russian dream is to throw everybody into a pile of shit in which you’re full up to your throat.” – Shamil Basayev, leader of Chechen movement for independence.
Amazing how precisely he defined the essence of Russian people. It took me 20 years to comprehend the meaning of the words of this Chechen insurgent.


This post will be extremely mad. Mad in a military sense. I’ll say everything that’s been boiling and now starting to spill out. For way too long, us Ukrainians, have kept quiet and did our best to not offend our Russian “brothers”. However, I cannot stay quiet anymore. War makes you speak out louder than does alcohol.
I know there are people that will want to justify the actions of Russians. There are also those who will condemn this article. I’m willing to listen to both groups with pleasure, if there’s anything to listen to at all.

I’m not going to insult the entire nation because that’s just wrong. I recognize there are good Russians and there are katsaps (a type of arrogant, hateful and racist Russians.) A good Russian can often be considered a brother of a Ukrainian. A katsap is a disgusting creature, bringing only spite and hatred into the world. The main distinguishing feature of a katsap is ignorance. Ignorance is the cause of all their misfortunes: alcoholism, thievery, poverty, etc. To calculate the number of katsaps in Russia you need to put together the popularity levels of Putin, Zhirinovsky and Zyuganov.

Today’s gathering in Kremlin is a picnic of criminals on Titanic. A crowd of raging katsaps heading towards doomsday without realizing it. Cries of adult men for Victory Day and gratefulness to great Putin. Yes, they think this misery is something great. Because katsaps themselves are so pathetic that they consider Putin to be the Greatness, pretty much half-God.

And look at the mugs that we saw in Kremlin today. Triumph, impudence and rapture from impunity. Those mugs were totally shameless, conscienceless and brainless. Gangster stash. Racketeers sharing the loot.


Putin’s speech on occupation of Crimea

Notice his chain of logic: “I was insulted by Americans, but I can’t insult them back because I’m too weak. That’s why I waited until my closest relative gets sick so I can stab him in the back out of spite. And when the whole world called me sick, I explained that I struck the knife into him so that nobody else could do it.


This raving crowd got up and applauded him frequently. Back in a day they applauded Joseph Stalin the same way. Except back then instead of Ukrainians there were followers of Trotsky, Zinoviev and other innocent people. (Note: both rival leaders were killed by Stalin.)

Russia did not defeat fascism in 1945. Russia adopted it when it was a little boy. This boy grew up and the whole world became horrified. As opposed to Hitler this boy has nuclear weapons.
Today, the devil stood behind the curtains in Kremlin and applauded. His students did a good job. Damned country, pathetic people and hopelessness. Centuries pass and nothing changes. Same people, same mistakes, same miserableness.


Miserable people repeat the mantra about the greatness of Russia. No one should curse them because there’s nobody to curse. They’re simply empty people. For 70 years they have been celebrating their Victory over Nazis. All these Nazis are already dead and the slaves are still celebrating. That’s because they have nothing else to celebrate. Not a single victory, not a single achievement in 70 years, just plain show off. Astronaut Gagarin doesn’t count either. How are they related to him? They aren’t. Mediocre nation that’s only good at being thugs and alcoholics.

Some will argue that there are some decent people in Russia. I agree. As opposed to me God is kind and sends good people to Russia once in a while to enlighten the barbarians. I can’t see any positive results yet but God must have a better view.


Ingratitude and malice

Pathetic and jealous nation with black, revengeful souls. Aggression as a result of weakness and realization that you’re worse than others. Way worse. But want superiority so bad. Though how do you become superior when you can’t do anything? When all you do is drink and steal. When you can only be proud of victories that you have nothing to do with. When those who were defeated by you subsequently helped you, the champion, with their humanitarian aid and loans so you don’t starve to death.

And now katsaps as pathetic creatures pay with dark ingratitude for all good things that Germans and Americans did for them in the 90’s. Without Western aid Russia would’ve stopped existing a long time ago. And now that they started making some money they let themselves act like pigs: sit at a table and have their feet up on the table. German soldiers were smart and called them pigs because they learned the truth before we did. While we believed the propaganda about “Slavic brothers’ nations” soldiers of Wehrmacht properly distinguished people from pigs.


Katsaps want to shine so bad. They want to be better than their competitors. So the bear is looking for adventures. They’re too scared to attack China and even more scared to attack the United States. But they found prey. And decided to attack Georgia. Ratio of 1:30. Fucking heros, eh. General Suvorov must’ve puked from happiness in the upper world. What a brilliant victory. Medals, champagne, Kremlin full of bastards.

How does their war look? Nasty. Without identification signs. Lies and craftiness. Pathetic nation. They waited until their neighbour weakened. The entire Ukrainian nation fought against criminal junta (during the winter revolution of 2014). Did they help their so-called “brothers”? No. They helped the enemies of Ukrainian people, with money, bullets and grenades. And when Ukrainians gained victory they hit them in the back and started celebrating again. Scum!


Competitiveness and the West

They can’t compete with Americans. Americans have Tyson but they can also put out Bill Gates. Who would Russia put out along with Valuev? Perelman? Well he’s Jewish and Russians did not know anything about him until “decaying GayEurope” notified these alcoholics what kind of nugget they got. And Valuev compared to Tyson is a bag of shit.


Hence all the infinite show off. Olympic games, Stolkovo innovation centre, palaces, oligarchs, “new Russians”. To show that “we’re not worse than others”. But everyone knows that they are worse. Hence all the spite in their dark souls.

Annually Europeans host auto showrooms where they present new achievement in auto industry. Except katsaps don’t attend them because they don’t have any achievements. And never will. Hence all the hatred toward Europe on one hand and dreams about an awesome German or French-made vehicle on the other.

They call Americans stupid. They actually do think they can compete with Americans. Use computers that run American operating systems and are connected to Internet which was created by Americans and still call them “pindos” (offensive word for U.S. citizens or anyone believing in democracy.) On TV they threaten them with nuclear war. Not threaten to compete with IBM or Apple, no, threaten to drop a nuclear bomb. In case anyone has forgotten the nuclear bomb was also a gift from Americans. If you katsaps think that Americans, who gave the world so much are “stupid pindos” then you must be apes. If one looks at you versus Americans the level of usefulness to the world is absolutely incomparable. If you don’t like the United States then either stop using their technology or shut your dirty mouths.


Gazprom empire


Katsap TV play commercials of Gazprom. Not commercials of goods and services made in this “great empire” but Gazprom. “We are the world’s leader in natural gas production.” Oh my goodness, what a great achievement it is! Half of the company is owned by foreigners and their entire management and engineering staff on production sites are Ukrainians, there are no Russians! Resource-based economy is the destiny of third world countries. It isn’t a bad thing that the country sells natural resources, it’s a bad thing that it spends its money on things like Olympic games and soccer championships instead of innovative technologies.

And then these katsaps point into faces of Ukrainians, like “You’re hohols, you buy our gas. Watch out, if you don’t love Pushkin we will stop selling gas to you really quick.

Have you ever seen a business talk to a customer like that? They’re just assholes. However that’s how most of the country thinks with the exception of 10% of adequate population that somehow managed to survive in this gloomy state.

What about the desire to compete with United States? Compete in what though? Warfare? Besides the wars, Americans brought Internet, mobile networks, computers and technologies into this world. They brought a lot. What did katsaps bring into the world? Wars and vodka, nothing else.


Wars and hatred


That’s why katsaps wage war after war. Because they have nothing else to do. They don’t know how to build things. They only know how to drink, steal and kill. And lie.

Look at their reaction on the sanctions that were imposed against them. Government and people are united. Unanimous consensus. Yes, we did steal Crimea, yes we violated all international laws and norms but we are katsaps and we don’t give a shit what you think. They’re not even ashamed of their pathetic behavior. In fact, they’re proud of it. Look at us, you can’t be this idiotic but we can! Because we are Russians. Russians? You’re not Russians, you’re katsaps. You have a long way to go to becoming Russians.

Smart people ask them to rethink everything. Warn them about the eventual revenge. But nothing helps. Katsaps arrive in reckless stupor. “Crimea is ours and we don’t care.” We will lose our underwear but Crimea will still be ours. This reminds me of a behavior of a drunkard that wants to drink tonight and knows about the consequences tomorrow but still goes ahead. Tonight he’s partying. So hard that his face is all messed up and neighbor’s property is damaged.

That is why katsaps from around the world want to go back into the katsap world. Because they would need to be productive if they want to live somewhere in Crimea, Ukraine or Latvia. But what is a katsap able to do? Nothing. Not able to build good resorts. Not able to find his calling and apply his potential in a different country. Not able to learn the language of the country he lives in. Hence such rhetoric about being put down, humiliated, have his right to speak Russian oppressed. Though if you let him speak Russian he won’t say anything smart but swear and mumble.

And here starts katsap’s notorious behavior. “No good life for me means no good life for you.” Seems like this problem may be easily solved, right? Get your stuff together and go back to your birch trees. But a katsap is tricky because he understands that he will only be cared for like a little baby in Europe, which he hates so much. His basic rights will be respected and health looked after. But in Russia if he mentions anything about his basic rights local policemen will kick the shit out of him to the point where his mom won’t be able to recognize him. Therefore those Ivans boast about the motherland but don’t want to move back there. Very cunning people.


Blackmailing with natural gas

Their favourite mantra against Ukraine is “we will shut off our natural gas supply.” That’s because they have nothing else to offer to Ukraine. When “gas threat” proved ineffective they sent tanks. Histeria. Katsaps are psycho-rapists. Once a lady finds them inattractive they start pointing a knife at her and raping her like animals. Because they are pathetic. And women don’t like pathetic people. They have nothing to be liked for.

So what are you going to do with excess natural gas supply when you shut it off? Put it back into a pipe or start heating boreal forests? It’s not gasoline that can be poured into a tank. Scratch your stupid head and think about what you say.

When has a katsap used his brain to think though? Authorities think for him. His job is to work on plantations, drink vodka (to reduce critical thinking), fight with neighboring countries, so that his Kremlin governors have something to brag about to foreign ambassadors, and die early to avoid making his master sad about the ailing look and the need to provide government pension.

Devil endowed Russians with natural gas to poison them with pride and arrogance. Arabs also have natural gas but look how honorably they behave. Have you ever seen Arabs act like a bunch of assholes? Look at them. There are thousands of them in our cities and universities. And now look at Russian youth abroad. Drunks, drug addicts, outcasts of society and endless arrogance. Excluding those who escaped Russia because of this nightmare.


Arrogance and brainwashing

Why are you guys so arrogant? What have you done for this world? Drilled through the ground and started pumping oil? Robbed your own country. Turned your already poor people into wild beasts? Why are you so arrogant? You say you’re an empire. What’s your empire about? Idiotism?

You’re potentially the richest country in the world but in reality one of the poorest. High child mortality rate and Olympics in tropical region worth 50 billion and then another 100 billion as a final headshot for the war in Crimea. Who are you occupying these lands for if there’s so few of you left out there?

And Ukrainians keep wondering “how can it be? We tell them the truth but instead they believe the Yanukovych gang’s scum and Putin’s propaganda. They don’t even wanna listen to us.” And the reason why, my dear Ukrainians is because their souls are dark and tricky. They don’t want to see Ukrainians free and rich. They don’t want to admit that Ukrainians are more courageous and honorable than them. They will never accept the fact that without oil, gas and Putin Ukrainians still beat them.

It’s not even about the TV propaganda that turns them into zombies. The thing is they want to prove that Ukrainians are nobody and Putin and Kiselev are just giving them what they want. Ivans, you want proof that Ukrainians are bad and you’re good? Have it. Putin’s television is what they want. They don’t want to watch television where Ukrainians and Americans are portrayed in a good way. They don’t want to see how others enjoy lives while themselves live in a pile of shit.

That explains why katsaps can’t be convinced that Ukrainians are good people and there were no fascists on Maidan. They would rather believe the devil than recognize that Ukrainians as a nation are a few levels above these arrogant katsaps who don’t know neither their history nor their roots. Obedient slaves that for centuries have been putting their backs out to get whipped. Unlike Ukrainians who are ready to die for their freedom, katsaps would only die for their master never for themselves.

Therefore they create lies about Ukrainian prostitutes in Moscow. One thing they never mention is that these prostitutes are a genetic garbage that we inherited from dirty Russia. Look where they’re coming from and what language they speak. Donbass and Russian-Soviet east. So don’t be carried away katsaps, its not Ukrainian girls who come over to you but biomass that settled here after your occupation.

Putin knew exactly what these losers needed. He knew if he created the illusion of their greatness they would be kissing his ass. And now look at them, whatever he does wrong they always forgive him.



He’s been in power for 15 years. In these 15 years Germans, Koreans, Japanese have all implemented government reforms in judicial and law enforcement areas, started mass production and gave this world good quality products and new technology. And what has Putin done in 15 years? Nothing. He sat on his gas pipeline and did nothing but bragged about great Russia that’s now getting off it’s knees. It’s been getting off for 15 years and hasn’t been able to get anything done but annex Georgia and Crimea.


However they don’t even think about it. Nobody asks Putin where all the money went. Why do Canadians receive rent for their oil sands and Russians only get patriotic rants? Maybe according to Putin Russians don’t need money. Maybe he thinks they will waste it to buy alcohol anyway?

Putin is a pathetic individual, revengeful, tiny prick. But what a great manipulator he is. He does them all. Its an art to be robbing a nation of 150 million for 15 years and still be viewed as someone great who they’re willing to carry in their hands.




I now understand why Americans have not toppled Putin yet. They’re totally sick of him and they have the ability to overthrow him in less than a year but they haven’t found a new shepperd for Russia yet. Who’s going to replace him if he’s gone?

Putin realizes that he’s needed. Needed by this world to calm down this rowdy, evil nation. A nation that’s ready to kill and slaughter without any sympathy to the enemy or itself. Kill for no reason, just because. Because they can’t do anything else and are therefore angry at the entire world.

No, this isn’t Hitler who fought as if he was having a hysterical seizure. This is an actor one level above. Beautiful scam. I’m starting to believe that Putin sold his soul to the Devil. Such “talents” aren’t from God, they’re from the Devil.

Though it looks like this time Putin has gone too far. A real ruler of Russia has already made his decision and started his process. Putin’s reign will be over shortly and the next Russian tsar will be Khodorkovsky who is now waiting for his time to start.


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