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How Russian Propaganda Works Through Social Media

Western read­ers often have lit­tle idea of what is being said about Ukraine in the Russ­ian media. They might sus­pect that the TV and press cov­er­age is full of dis­in­for­ma­tion, and they would be right.  But they would likely be shocked at the nature of this cov­er­age. The blo­gos­phere in par­tic­u­lar car­ries pro­pa­ganda that is crass and ugly. The mate­r­ial that fills the social media (face­book, twit­ter, blogs) is fre­quently neg­a­tive, abu­sive, and replete with calls for mass violence.

This is not a grass­roots phe­nom­e­non, but a top-down cam­paign, planned and financed. Already two years ago West­ern news sites noticed that they were being flooded with pre­pared pro­pa­ganda. On 7 Feb­ru­ary 2012 The Guardian reported: “A pro-Kremlin group runs a net­work of inter­net trolls, seeks to buy flat­ter­ing cov­er­age of Vladimir Putin and hatches plans to dis­credit oppo­si­tion activists and media.” Since then the dis­in­for­ma­tion cam­paign has infested com­ment threads on numer­ous West­ern sites. One reporter has com­plained that read­ers and reporters alike are con­cerned that the com­ments are made by indi­vid­u­als ‘paid to troll, and to den­i­grate in abu­sive terms any­one crit­i­cis­ing Rus­sia or Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin.’ Some com­ment sec­tions now resem­ble ‘a sea of incred­i­bly aggres­sive and hos­tile users,” with the most obvi­ous hav­ing cre­ated accounts since Feb­ru­ary 2014, the date on which the Russ­ian gov­ern­ment began to flood the sites (Chris Elliott in The Guardian, 4 May 2014).

How abu­sive and vio­lent is the cov­er­age? The fol­low­ing post­ings from a mil­i­tary blog­ger are indica­tive. Sergey Grishin has over 1,800 followers (http://​vk​.com/​p​r​e​f​a​c​e​2​8​#​/​p​r​e​f​a​c​e28). He sup­ports the Russ­ian inter­ven­tion into Ukraine and con­tin­u­ally reposts from a few pre­ferred sites.  These posts were made over a three-day period, 3-6 May 2014.

6 May, 8.10 pm. He reposts the fol­low­ing com­ment:  ‘The hyp­o­crit­i­cal United States cries with foam on its lips that Rus­sia is help­ing Ukraini­ans in the war against the American-Banderite occu­pa­tion. Wash­ing­ton in the mean­time, hav­ing occu­pied Ukraine, has for the last 23 hours con­tin­ued to spon­sor the Kyiv junta in a war with its own peo­ple.’ This com­ment pre­cedes an item from the Russ­ian news site RIA Novosti (ria​.ru) deal­ing with US finan­cial sup­port for Ukraine.

6 May, 7.49 am. He reposts an item from a Russ­ian web­site (tvzvezda​.ru/​n​ews) inform­ing that ‘inhab­i­tants of Slo­viansk’ have reported 150 killed and wounded in fights with Kyiv gov­ern­ment forces. The ‘inhab­i­tants’ are quoted as say­ing: ‘On Semen­ovka they exe­cuted peo­ple in a spe­cial insti­tu­tion, a hos­pi­tal for the psy­cho­log­i­cally dis­turbed. Accord­ing to an eye­wit­ness, they began shoot­ing the patients through the win­dows with­out enter­ing, and did not allow any of the psy­chi­atric patients to leave. There were ordi­nary patients and med­ical per­son­nel inside.’ No sources or evi­dence is provided.

5 May, 6.55 pm.  He reposts a report from the pro-Russian web­site named ‘For a United Rus’ (vk​.com/​p​r​e​f​a​c​e​2​8​#​/​z​a​_​e​d​r​u​s​_​x​e​p​con). It informs that North Korea has called the USA ‘hell on Earth.’ In response to a UN doc­u­ment detail­ing human rights abuses in their coun­try, the North Kore­ans have accused the United States of being ‘the world’s main abuser of human rights’ and have pre­sented the lat­est infor­ma­tion on the enor­mous num­ber of pris­on­ers in US jails, on the growth of unem­ploy­ment, poverty, and the ris­ing cost of hous­ing in the US.

Read­ers are told that the Korean response appeared shortly after the UN doc­u­mented North Korea’s prac­tice of pub­lic exe­cu­tions and impris­on­ment in con­cen­tra­tion camps. They also learn that in Feb­ru­ary North Korea called the prime min­is­ter of Japan ‘an Asian Hitler’ for stat­ing that he intended to strengthen his country’s armed forces.

No attempt is made by the ‘United Rus’ web­site to chal­lenge these North Korean asser­tions. The point of the report seems to be to dis­credit the UN, and to tar­nish the image of both the US and Japan. The fol­low­ing image of North Korean unity is attached.


5 May, 6.55 pm. He car­ries a report posted by a site spe­cial­iz­ing in dis­in­for­ma­tion, which is called ‘Rus­sia, Ukraine, Belarus: Patri­ots of the Anti-Maidan.’ The arti­cle states that the Ukrain­ian army is con­duct­ing ‘puni­tive action against the home­guard [opolchent­sev] in Sloviansk.’

5 May, 6.50 pm. He posts a com­ment from 5.14 pm by Alexan­der Dugin, a polit­i­cal sci­en­tist favoured by the Putin admin­is­tra­tion: ‘After the slaugh­ter on 2 May 2014 in Odesa it is shame­ful to be Ukrain­ian. One has to become a Slav, a Novoross, a Mal­oross [Lit­tle Russ­ian] … any­thing but a Ukrain­ian. Such a peo­ple no longer exists. It is a pseudo-people, a failed peo­ple. [Dugin gives the word ‘failed peo­ple’ in Eng­lish. Obvi­ously he has heard the term ‘failed nation.’] Dugin accom­pa­nies this com­ment with the fol­low­ing image.


May 5, 3.47 pm.  Another com­ment by Dugin appears: ‘The sit­u­a­tion in the Donetsk oblast is red hot. The lack of reac­tion from the Krem­lin to the Russ­ian holo­caust in Odesa has been taken by the junta [he means the gov­ern­ment in Kyiv] as an invi­ta­tion to begin mil­i­tary oper­a­tions. Armed forces have been sent to Slo­viansk. Despite all the pre­vi­ous false starts, at a given moment the swine will begin a gen­uine advance, when they out­num­ber us by 30 to 1, as will soon be the case. I think it is time [to act]. There is no point in wait­ing any longer.

5 May, 3.45 pm. He posts a report that appeared at 2.53 pm on the site ‘Iugo-vostok! Ienoty!’ (South-East! Racoons!) In it Igor Strelkov, a Russ­ian mil­i­tary man who is now the com­man­der of  anti-government forces in Slo­viansk and Donetsk, reports an ambush in which 5 of his fight­ers were killed, sup­pos­edly at the hands of ‘Right Sec­tor’ forces in civil­ian cloth­ing. One ‘Russ­ian’ is described as will­ingly com­ing over to the sep­a­ratist side. Many of the other ‘amoeba’ fight­ing on the pro-government side are described as ‘read­ily admit­ting’ dur­ing nego­ti­a­tions that they are serv­ing ‘mon­grels and Nazis’ even though they ‘remain faith­ful to their oath.’

5 May, 3.42 pm. Grishin reports that accord­ing to the SBU (Ukrain­ian Secret Ser­vices) and MVD (Min­istry of Inter­nal Affairs) Kernes, the mayor of Kharkiv, shot him­self in the back twice. Grishin pro­vides no sources or evi­dence. This com­ment has since been removed, per­haps because it can eas­ily be checked and is patently ridiculous.

5 May, at 3:42 pm. Grishin posts: “Those bitches exe­cuted civil­ians. They shot into people’s homes. Many peace­ful cit­i­zens have been killed. I HATE THEM.’ This com­ment relates to a report claim­ing that women threw Molo­tov cock­tails into the build­ing in Odesa where pro-Russian activists burned. This com­ment, too, was later removed.

5 May, at 8:02 am.  He reposts another unsourced piece of hate pro­pa­ganda, also later removed, prob­a­bly because it is self-discrediting:

Accord­ing to received infor­ma­tion, the pop­u­lar lib­er­a­tion army of the South-East is ready for a full-scale con­fronta­tion with the Ban­derite junta. Insur­gent com­pa­nies are ready in other Ukrain­ian oblasts and in Kyiv itself. Yanukovych will any day now come to Kyiv and will be sup­ported by prac­ti­cally the entire army. He will be sup­ported by the MVS (Min­istry of Inter­nal Affairs) and even the SBU (Ukrain­ian Secu­rity Ser­vices).  No Russ­ian army will be involved! Every­thing will be done by the forces [raised] from the cit­i­zens of Ukraine them­selves! And every­thing will be done with per­mis­sion to act ruth­lessly within the bounds of counter-revolutionary oper­a­tions, under orders from the legit­i­mate pres­i­dent Yanukovych. There will be no ‘polite lit­tle green men’! They will only be fierce Ukrain­ian muzhiks. Lists have been pre­pared for the liq­ui­da­tion of all who have sworn alle­giance to the Ban­derite junta, and these lists have been passed on to the anti-terrorist spe­cial brigades.

The entire Kyiv junta (more than 800 peo­ple on the list) will be liq­ui­dated. Every­one who has come out against Yanukovych and sup­ported the Ban­derites will be cleansed. The ‘Right Sec­tor’ and ‘national guard’ will not take pris­on­ers but will shoot peo­ple on the spot. Every­one who tries to shield the Ban­derites will be severely punished.

Things will not stop with the lib­er­a­tion of Kyiv. The people’s lib­er­a­tion army will move on to Gali­cia. No one from the Ukrain­ian Nazi plague will be left alive. The West has already given the okay for a mass removal of Ban­derite activists. Ukraine will be com­pletely cleansed!

The ques­tion of Ukraine’s fed­er­al­iza­tion has been decided. The Ukrain­ian Fed­er­a­tion will con­sist of 8 ter­ri­to­ries; it will enter the Cus­toms Union and the Eurasian Union; it will enter a mil­i­tary union with Russia […]

Ban­derite oppo­si­tion is use­less! The lives of every­one who lays down their arms and comes over to the side of the peo­ple and the legal pres­i­dent Yanukovych will be saved. None of the Kyiv junta will escape respon­si­bil­ity. They will all be liq­ui­dated. This will not be a peace­ful occu­pa­tion by a cour­te­ous Russ­ian army but will be a fierce Ukrain­ian set­tling of affairs. It will be unspar­ing and merciless.

The West has given up on the junta. The USA has under­stood that it made a seri­ous mis­take [by deal­ing] with those morons and will in exchange for cap­tured CIA agents (about 50) sur­ren­der all its lack­eys for destruc­tion. Putin has promised not to dis­grace Obama too much.

There will be no need for tri­bunals. The entire junta will be burned in the same Kyiv cre­ma­to­rium in which the Ban­derites destroyed over three thou­sand people.

Revenge is inevitable! It is approach­ing inex­orably! Cit­i­zens of Ukraine! The Ban­derite junta has the sup­port of not more than 15% of the pop­u­la­tion, and most of these are in West­ern Ukraine. The lib­er­a­tion of Ukraine from Nazi obscu­ran­tists is begin­ning. You have a choice: either a shame­ful death as a Ban­derite helper or respect as a lib­er­a­tor of Ukraine. […] Read this and pass it on.’

5 May, at 12.29 am. He reposts the image below, which went up at 12.16 am on Anti­ma­nip­u­lia­tor  (http://​vk​.com/​p​r​e​f​a​c​e​2​8​#​/​a​n​t​i​m​a​n​i​p​u​l​a​tor). The words on the image read: ‘Do not pray, Ban­derite. God will not hear you.’


The Anti­ma­nip­u­lia­tor site claims, among other things, that the EU and USA have taken con­trol of Ukraine and that the cur­rent Ukrain­ian leader Arsenii Yat­se­niuk has signed an agree­ment mak­ing Ukraine a colony of Europe. (See ‘ABC of Geno­cide from the USA’ at http://​vk​.com/​p​r​e​f​a​c​e​2​8​#​/​a​n​t​i​m​a​n​i​p​u​l​a​tor.)

5 May, 12.15 am. He reposts a report from the site ‘Rus­sia, Ukraine, Belarus: Patri­ots for the Anti-Maidan.’ It reads: ‘A preg­nant woman was killed. For over two min­utes she called and screamed for help!!!  Then she went quiet and a Ukrain­ian flag appeared in the win­dow.’ No sources or evi­dence are cited. There is only a clip show­ing a burn­ing build­ing with fire­fight­ers and res­cue crews try­ing to save peo­ple. The cap­tions, how­ever, con­cludes, based on the screams, that the mur­der of a sep­a­ratist has taken place.

5 May, 12:24 am. He reposts the fol­low­ing image from the Anti­ma­nip­u­lia­tor site. It reads: ‘Ukraine has burned and exe­cuted in itself every­thing human in Odesa and Don­bas. Ukraine no longer exists.’


4 May,11.54 pm. He reposts from the ‘Ukraine No Longer Exists ‘ (Ukrainy bol­she net) site:

It all began when provo­ca­teurs pulled peo­ple into the Trades Union Build­ing, where they were able to do their work with­out pun­ish­ment and out of pub­lic sight. There was no fire as such. It was only a pre­text to blame things on. A gas of unknown ori­gin appeared from some­where.’ The fire in Odesa that took the lives of pro-Russian mil­i­tants is here blamed on pro-Ukrainians, who, it is claimed, pulled the peo­ple into the build­ing. All eye­wit­ness reports con­tra­dict this ver­sion. The post­ing includes images of charred bod­ies and fur­ther claims of atrocities.

4 May, 6.17 am. A poster is repro­duced from ‘Vezh­livye liudi’ (Polite Peo­ple) site that sup­ports the Russ­ian military:


It pur­ports to show Ukraini­ans giv­ing fas­cist salutes and the text read: ‘We have brought the coun­try to the edge just to serve our mas­ters. Peas­ants for Europe! We sell our motherland.’

 4 May, 4.51 am. Grishin reposts the pic­ture below, which is taken from the Russ­ian nation­al­ist site ‘Par­tic­i­pants in Lib­er­a­tion, Slavic Triangle.’


The cap­tion reads: ‘Hey, Nige.., that is to say Dear Pres­i­dent Obama. Why are you spend­ing so many resources devel­op­ing Ukrain­ian fas­cism? Be a patriot! Sup­port your own!’

 4 May, 3.42 am. He car­ries another poster from the Vezh­livye liudi (Polite Peo­ple) site:


The words read: ‘Ukraine has ceased to exist!’

 4 May, 3.42 am. He posts another image:


The words read: ‘I hate that flag. Under that flag they kill my broth­ers, com­rades and fel­low citizens …’

 3 May, at 9.32 pm. He posts the fol­low­ing image from the same site:


The words read: ‘This is what the occupier’s flag looks like. First under this flag they killed Berkut fight­ers. Now under this flag they kill unarmed civilians.’


3 May, 2.41 pm. From the same site he posts:


This sam­pling from one indi­vid­ual indi­cates that most of the infor­ma­tion comes from a few sites. The mate­r­ial can only be described as hate pro­pa­ganda directed against Ukraine.

1. The con­tent repeats sev­eral themes: atroc­i­ties are being com­mit­ted by forces loyal to the Kyiv gov­ern­ment; this gov­ern­ment lacks broad sup­port in the pop­u­la­tion; all who sup­port the present gov­ern­ment must be removed, even if they have to be slaugh­tered; Ukraine does not exist as a coun­try; sup­port for Ukraine is sup­port for Nazism.

2. The lan­guage is cal­cu­lated to dehu­man­ize. The gov­ern­ment and its sup­port­ers are called a junta, swine, amoeba, mon­grels, Nazis, Ban­derites, morons, bitches.

3. An under­pin­ning ide­ol­ogy is artic­u­lated by Alexan­der Dugin, the fas­cist polit­i­cal thinker who has Putin’s ear. Dugin insists that Ukraine does not exists, has never existed. Dugin calls upon Putin to invade Ukraine. His Eurasian­ism is a blend of fas­cism and Stal­in­ism that calls for a revived Rus­sia to extend its bor­ders and to chal­lenge the US and EU. This is now becom­ing Moscow’s bedrock ideology.

This pro­pa­ganda is inso­lent and furi­ous. and is meant to disorient.

It hardly needs to be said that any infor­ma­tion in the above reports can­not be ver­i­fied because no sources are pro­vided. Only unspec­i­fied ‘reports,’ ‘inhab­i­tants,’ and ‘wit­nesses’ are men­tioned. In fact, the com­men­tary can eas­ily be dis­proved when jux­ta­posed with reports from rep­utable jour­nal­ists. It is pre­cisely for this rea­son that alter­na­tive news chan­nels in Rus­sia have being forced off the air or brought under con­trol. A law has now been passed insist­ing that all blog­gers reg­is­ter with the government.

In this kind of pro­pa­ganda read­ers will find no attempt to dis­cuss cur­rent socio-economic prob­lems, cor­rup­tion, or even what kind of polit­i­cal solu­tion is envis­aged (fed­er­al­iza­tion, sep­a­ra­tion, annex­a­tion by Rus­sia?). There is no men­tion of the fact that only 15.4% of peo­ple in the South-East want to join Rus­sia, while 69.7% do not. The sep­a­ratists have sig­nif­i­cant sup­port in two oblasts: Luhansk (30.4%) and Donetsk (27.5%). How­ever, this sup­port has now been hijacked by vio­lent extrem­ists and pro-Russian ultra­na­tion­al­ists. Anton Shekhovtsov has com­mented that the Krem­lin sup­ports the extrem­ist ultra­na­tion­al­ists rather than the ‘pro-federalization’ move­ment. It cham­pi­oned Pavel Gubarev, who pro­claimed him­self gov­er­nor of Donetsk oblast.  For­merly a mem­ber of the Russ­ian National Unity, a neo-Nazi party founded in Moscow in 1990, he is now a mem­ber of the far-right Pro­gres­sive Social­ist Party of Ukraine, whose leader Natalya Vit­renko is an asso­ciate of Amer­i­can right-wing extrem­ist and anti­semite Lyn­don LaRouche and of Alek­sandr Dugin (Anton Shekhovtsov, open​democ​racy​.net, 7 May 2014).

There are many Ukrain­ian and Russ­ian sites that pro­vide bal­anced and informed cov­er­age. One of the best known mil­i­tary blog­gers is Dmytro Tym­chuk. After retired from active ser­vice in the Ukrain­ian army, he helped to set up a Cen­tre for Mil­i­tary and Polit­i­cal Research in Kyiv. His Ukraine Cri­sis site (http://​uacri​sis​.org/​d​m​y​t​r​o​-​t​y​m​c​h​u​k-3) and his Infor­ma­tion Resis­tance group  site (http://​sprotyv​.info) were estab­lished to counter Russ­ian dis­in­for­ma­tion. Other sites doing sim­i­lar work include Infore­sist (infore​sist​.org), Euro­maidan (euro​maid​anpr​.com), and Cen­sor­Net (cen​sor​.net​.ua). Kyiv Post (http://​www​.kyiv​post​.com) and Moscow Times (www​.the​moscow​times​.com) also carry reli­able cov­er­age. The Russ­ian tele­vi­sion chan­nel Dozhd (tvrain​.ru) is a well-respected source, but as the only remain­ing inde­pen­dent tele­vi­sion chan­nel it is being harassed by the Putin regime and may soon be forced to shut down. The Russ­ian Ekho­Moskvy site (http://​echomsk​.ru) also car­ries good com­men­tary by indi­vid­ual jour­nal­ists. And, of course, good mate­r­ial does appear on youtube. For exam­ple, an insight­ful lec­ture by the Moscow pro­fes­sor Valerii Dmitrievich Solovei, a spe­cial­ist in media manip­u­la­tion, has been posed here. Solovei dis­cusses the meth­ods and the prin­ci­ples behind con­duct­ing an infor­ma­tion war. The lec­ture (in Russ­ian) is enti­tled ‘How to watch the news dur­ing a war’ (http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​e​U​q​7​S​d​s​_​9bI). In his lec­ture to young peo­ple, the pro­fes­sor states that it is impor­tant to under­stand what is being said and how the media is being used to manip­u­late people.


Myroslav Shkan­drij



ШОК!!! 2 мая-Из дома профсоюзов раздается женский крик о помощи,после смолкает и в окне появляется Украинский флаг. 2:34


Elliott, Chris. The Guardian, 4 May 2014



Shekhovtsov, Anton. ‘Extrem­ism in South-Eastern Ukraine.” Open democ­racy, 7 May 2014 <http://​www​.open​democ​racy​.net/​o​d​-​r​u​s​s​i​a​/​a​n​t​o​n​-​s​h​e​k​h​o​v​t​s​o​v​/​d​a​n​g​e​r​s​-​o​f​-​e​x​t​r​e​m​i​s​m​-​i​n​-​s​o​u​t​h​e​a​s​t​e​r​n​-​u​k​r​a​i​n​e​-​f​a​r​-​r​i​g​h​t​-​e​u​r​a​s​i​a​n​i​s​m​-​s​l​a​v​i​c​-​u​n​ity>


Webb, Isaac. ‘Ukrain­ian mil­i­tary blog­ger takes on Krem­lin pro­pa­ganda.’ 7 May 2014 <http://​www​.kyiv​post​.com/​c​o​n​t​e​n​t​/​u​k​r​a​i​n​e​/​u​k​r​a​i​n​i​a​n​-​m​i​l​i​t​a​r​y​-​b​l​o​g​g​e​r​-​t​a​k​e​s​-​o​n​t​he-



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    • alexei, is that your only dream? just go fuck your­self, you’ll feel much bet­ter afterwards

  5. This is a very one-sided arti­cle. Racist memes are also made by the Ukrain­ian nation­al­ists. I fully agree, Rus­sia has no busi­ness invad­ing Ukraine (Donetsk, etc.). Whereas Crimea was orig­i­nally Rus­sia and only fair that it should revert if that is the people’s will, Rus­sians liv­ing in Donetsk should leave Ukraine if they do not like liv­ing in it. The West(US) has indu­bitably fanned the fires of hatred and sup­ported the Nazis in Kiev, just lis­ten to ‘Regime-change’ Nuland’s leaked phone call: http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​J​7​d​o​S​h​x​a​zm0 It seems that no mat­ter which fact are brought to bear, show­ing that Russ­ian is NOT the embod­i­ment of evil, the US has got its ‘fin­gers in its ears’ and is try­ing to impose its own twisted ver­sion of the truth. As the adage goes, ‘Truth is the first casu­alty in war’ and the US govt has got the media in its pocket (learn about ‘Yel­low Jour­nal­ism’ here and don’t par­take in it: http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​y​4​P​2​O​8​U​j​QeU), so it is not only the Rus­sians that are play­ing mind games--every one is! Includ­ing you--through your 1-sided report­ing.
    It is also clear to every think­ing per­son that the US&Nato are sur­round­ing and antag­o­niz­ing Rus­sia and not the other way around. If you think that this is not the case, ask your­self: Why does the US have mil­i­tary bases in so many Euro­pean coun­tries, that are per­fectly capa­ble of pro­tect­ing them­selves? If the US has bases in Ger­many, Poland, Roma­nia, Baltics, shouldn’t these coun­tries also have bases in the US--just in case the Cana­di­ans or the Mex­i­cans attack? Or per­haps there will be a Cuban inva­sion? No. It is con­ve­nient to start wars in other people’s coun­tries, destroy their infra­struc­ture and then move in and pil­lage their nat­ural resources. These past wars have, indeed, been led by the ‘Coali­tion for the Drilling’. I am not say­ing that the RU author­i­ties are saint, but… get some per­spec­tive, peo­ple! Lis­ten to BOTH sided--balanced report­ing is the only way to tell the story!
    Watch­ing Psaki squirm is always fun: http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​V​_​m​N​n​w​N​p​IoM

  6. Thanks for your great work, Myroslav Shkan­drij! A splen­did pre­sen­ta­tion of Putin’s nationalist-fascist-aggresisve pro­pa­ganda! I have been fol­low­ing english-language-sites for some months, but I didn’t think some of the russian-language pro­pa­ganda could be to this degree prim­i­tive.
    could write much pos­i­tive about ex-soviet union peo­ple, and much neg­a­tive about west­ern behav­ior ear­lier and in present days. But an expansionis-fascistoid-aggressive putin­ist Rus­sia can’t give any good nei­ther to Don­bass, Ukraine, Europe nor to human­ity as a whole!
    The prim­i­tive slo­gans of putin­ist “Alexei” is symp­to­matic: When truth come out in open, the liars have noth­ing more to say. As we say in Nor­way: “Trolls don’t sup­port the sun!” Keep up the good work, Myroslav!

  7. Nice arti­cle, but read­ers should under­stand that this is the very tip of a huge and dan­ger­ous ice­berg. The Russ­ian blo­gos­phere is filled with this sort of hate­ful, one-sided garbage and reflects much which is pro­duced within the Kremlin-controlled national media. Given the level of poi­soned rhetoric within the Russ­ian infor­ma­tion sphere, I fear that the seeds of hatred will con­tinue to take root and blos­som beyond the bor­ders of Russia.

  8. So with all that Russ­ian hate and venom get­ting spouted around by the Putin­istas, how come is it that only the interim gov­ern­ment in Kyiv has found it nec­es­saary to declare a war and start killing Ukraini­ans who dis­agree with them?

    When you try to divide a nation of great-hearted peo­ple, by call­ing some ‘dif­fer­ent’ because of their reli­gion or lan­guage or their looks, there will always be idiots who fol­low along howling.

    Then the good peo­ple get together and stop them.

    God bless inde­pen­dent Ukraine.

  9. Artickle just says all as it is for Rus­sia and Ukraine. It does not mean that all rus­sians nazists, and all Ukraini­ans good and kind bun­nies, but one can see the rea­sons of Russ­ian peo­ple want­ing to destroy Ukraine as a state

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