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Rozmai Ukrainian Dancers are seeking a… COSTUME/WARDROBE MANAGER

The Rozmai School of Dance & Rozmai Company owns a vast inventory of costumes. We are currently seeking a highly organized individual to maintain this wardrobe, perform alterations, organize and distrubute costumes for the annual spring recital and ensure that all costumes look fresh and new for every performance.


The key responsibilities of this paid position include:

  • Fit and prepare Ukrainian dance costumes for upcoming performances, photos, rehearsals, etc…
  • Repair costumes to keep them in pristine condition and dry clean or launder them as required
  • Manage sign-out system with dancers/parents
  • Communicate with dancers/parents
  • Pack, inventory and place costumes into the storage facility at the Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • Attend select Tuesday and/or Wednesday evenings to size/outfit dancers for performances
  • Sew, hem and/or alter existing costumes at home or on site
  • Collaborate with the Rozmai School of Dance Director & Company Manager
  • Interact positively young children, youth and adults
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the regions of Ukraine or Ukrainian Folk Dance costuming including: Boiko, Bukovynian, Hutsul, Podillian, Volyn’, Transcarpathian, Central Ukraine…
  • Attend general & annual meetings as a member of the Rozmai Board of Directors


If you are interested in this exciting Costume/Wardrobe Manager position or know someone who would be a great addition to Rozmai team, please contact: Nathan Martindale, Chair – Rozmai Board of Directors at: info@rozmai.ca

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