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Winnipeg newcomers guide

Dear friends,

We would like to start a crowdsourcing project – “Winnipeg Newcomers Guide”  for Ukrainians that are planning or have just arrived to Winnipeg.

Everything, starting with basic info about the city to detailed instructions on where and how to get a health card, driving license, open a bank account, find appartment, etc. We need your help! If you know how to do something that might be important for newcomers, please contribute to the following document (anyone who has the link can edit):


We think it should be in Ukrainian, but text can be translated later. Will start with online .pdf version, if we find sponsors, printed version will appear.


Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or propositions.

Thank you!


Just FYI, this is what crowdsourcing can do:


  1. Please check the Provincial and city publications listing services for immigrants — no point in “discovering America” — use them as a base.

  2. Although our services are not “especially” for Ukrainians, our business settlement services are especially adapted for new Canadian entrepreneurs to accelerate the business process of planning, development, and launch in the Winnipeg market. We work with a number of organizations and service providers who have a shared mandate of entrepreneurship combined with a consultative approach; to delivering services with a more intensive process of educating new business owners.

    If you haven’t already made contact, the first point of contact for those settling in Winnipeg, is Manitoba Start. They may be able to assist with collaboration efforts and promotion of your project.

    Please contact us for more information. (We do have some Ukrainian-Canadian service providers within our network as well!)

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