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The Kylymy and Rushnyky Exhibition in Oseredok!

Visit Oseredok’s gallery to see national Ukrainian Kylymy and Rushnyky!

Exhibition held over till Christmas!
Kylymy (Tapestry Rugs) and Rushnyky (Ritual Cloths)

Kylymy panel jpg

If colour and design in textiles attracts your attention, then this exhibition will pique your interest!
The range of ornamental motifs on both kylymy and rushnyky, from geometric to floral, and the selection of colour reflect regional preferences. Whether woven or embroidered, kylymy and rushnyky had both a utilitarian and a ritual function. As ritual objects, they had a role to play in important rites of passage, such as birth, marriage and death. As utilitarian or decorative objects they reflect the particular aesthetic of the artisans who created them.

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