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This blog is dedicated to the future of Ukraine’s political, economic and social development. It provides a personal view of the blogger on what’s happening in Ukraine and how the news of the day will affect Ukraine’s future. It runs on English and Ukrainian languages.

Цей блог присвячений політичним, економічним та соціальним процесам що відбуваються в Україні, ведеться англійською та українською мовами.

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The Liberals and Ukraine

A day after the Liberal Party of Canada won the majority of seats in the Parliament in the federal election on October 19th, 2015, many news agencies in Ukraine reported that the newly elected Canadian government would be “pro-Ukrainian”. It ...

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Maskirovka at the United Nations

According to Wikipedia, Maskirovka may refer to: “Russian military deception, a military doctrine of that country. A term used in the Western press for the supposed deceitfulness of the Russian state in military and political affairs.”   Russia’s President Putin gave a speech to ...

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Ukraine’s 10 challenges in 2014

1) Russian propaganda is based on disinformation and blatant lies. For example, the new Ukrainian government has been characterized as both anti-Russian and anti-Semitic. Daily briefings from prominent Russian-speaking individuals and Jewish leaders are essential in order to counter these ...

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Brother at the Gate

The new Ukrainian government should be praised for working with Western countries in response to Russia’s military aggression in Crimea. G7 members and Ukraine have alienated Russia, which has lost credibility in the eyes of many countries. While Russians traditionally ...

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Peace by Russia

The world powers must end Russian occupation of Ukraine now and Canada should continue playing a major role in this fight. If you listen to the Russian authorities today, you hear they are protecting Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine from “extremists” ...

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