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Ukraine – In Transition

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This blog will be dedicated to discussing:

• Ukraine’s politics
• Ukraine’s economy
• Ukraine as an international actor
• Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration
• Canada-Ukraine bilateral relations

Nick Krawetz holds a MA in Political Studies (International Relations) from Queen’s University and a BA (Advanced) in Economics and Political Studies from the University of Manitoba.

Nick’s research interests include Canadian foreign and defence policy, international trade, international security, global governance, European integration, Canada-EU relations, and Canada-Ukraine bilateral relations.

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The Shadows of Bucharest

By Nick Krawetz As Russian officials repeatedly contradict themselves and intentionally deny easily verifiable facts, Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine demonstrates Putin is grasping at straws and improvising on the fly. If this pattern of behaviour continues, disastrous ramifications for ...

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If Crimea is already lost, who is next?

By Nick Krawetz Imagine visiting or living in Montreal, a Canadian city rich in history, culture, and diversity. While enjoying the many shops and restaurants, imagine next, to your disbelief, you see a column of French armoured personnel carriers rolling ...

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