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How Ukrainians actually “stormed the Russian Children’s Center”

For the last couple of days Ukraine haters and people under strong influence of Russian propaganda were discussing recent events in Winnipeg.


This is what actually happened during the visit to Winnipeg of the representative of the Russian Consulate


On June 14th Kremlin-sponsored terrorists operating in Ukraine shot down a transport plane killing all 49 people present on board. On the same day I found out that the representative of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation was coming to Winnipeg for passport renewals for Russian citizens.

I and my friends decided to use this opportunity in order to deliver our message to the official state representative. Renewals were to take place at one of the city’s public shopping centers, in “room 200” – as it was worded on the Consulate’s website. Upon entering the premises we found out that the venue room was, in fact, a school office. There were no kids as the school season was over long ago, only people waiting for passports.

The organization’s president, a worthy individual, asked us to leave after seeing the word “Khuilo” on the cake we had brought. The word referred to president Putin (http://goo.gl/doWuKY). We also brought a gigantic poster that said “Bloody killer” with Vladimir Putin’s face on it and a bunch of photographs from Ukraine showing victims of Russia’s undeclared war. So far as many as 500 Ukrainian servicemen and civilians were killed due to terrorism in the past 4 months since the invasion.

We explained we were not there for the organization, but only wanted to meet with the representative. We were let in after a while and took the opportunity to talk briefly to a woman that was inside, explaining why we came. Several conversations ensued with people present there, many of whom seemed to be sincerely interested in the purpose of the visit. There were also a few expressions of xenophobia, as well as hate remarks to Ukrainians as people. Nevertheless, after a while the visit turned into the “light in the darkness” for some of those under- or mis-informed individuals, who witnessed first-hand an expression of disgust with Putin’s war on Ukraine. Surprisingly, we managed to break the ice and deliver to them some credible information, not the “Kiev-junta-killing-its-own-citizens-in-civil-war-incited-by-the-West” type of nonsense. We then apologized to people in charge of the venue room, as the visit was to pass the message to the (regardless of identity) representative of the country that has started a ruthless war against the neighboring Ukraine.

The original footage of the visit we uploaded on Youtube, but later took down by request. However, the video, showing the first few minutes of our visit, was stolen beforehand and subsequently uploaded with captions by some channel. Parts of translation were distorted, some overlooked, some completely made up. The description underneath it was an absurd combination of hate propaganda, outright lies and other ridiculous cooked-up bullshit, typically inherent to Kremlin-paid internet trolls. Such text is commonly aimed for brain-dead reactionary soviet audience, notorious for their heinous social behavior. You thought the Kremlin’s fear-mongering, disinformation and lies were an extreme example of war propaganda? You are missing out on the propaganda taking place in the middle of Canada – the city of Winnipeg. Just as Russian media reported that on June 14th an empty transport plane was downed by Ukrainians themselves, this symbolic visit to the Consulate’s representative was described with something along the lines of “terrorists brought in a cake that possibly contained a bomb into the children’s center”. Once again the disgusting Russian propaganda machine used the topic of “children” to advance their dirty agenda.


The channel is presumably operated by Walter V. Dyck and russianwinnipeg.org website host Tatyana Dyck. I will not comment further on this family’s cooperation with Russian subversive services or governmental structures.

Afterwards, I had the pleasure to talk to some individuals who sounded unbelievably brainwashed by Moscow’s state media. After about a 1.5hr long, unusual and very aggressive conversation on political, historical and ideological topics they eventually changed their thought progression. Must be the lecture for them to remember for life. I hope it will prompt them to use at least some critical thinking next time they form their opinion regarding this war. Eventually the conversation ended up on a positive note despite verbal hostility. The lady even asked if she can kiss me on a cheek…
…and I succumbed.

Oleg Olegovich


  1. Say all you want to clear your self at least in your eyes.
    No amount of self praise will clear the fact that all morons that went there that day
    made them self look like pathetic kids.
    Not to mention this is probably illegal.
    So kiss your asses good buy and pack your stuff, you going back to your beloved ukraine

  2. If your community really like’s the way you’re acting it’s really too sad. Today you have no shame of using written coarse language in front of children,tomorrow you are going to kill somebody…Why not? People like you are always right.I don’t care if you’re going to do it somewhere else. Why you’re acting here in Canada. I’ve never mentioned to any Ukrainian guy or girl that their grandfathers could happily kill almost all my family with other Jews during second world war. I don’t go to the nearest Ukrainian village and don’t send my kids to do it. Please don’t make Russia or Ukraine of this country.Don’t spread your shit in our home.

  3. This is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.

    If you or someone you know had witnessed this event or other events involving the same group.
    Your report can prevent a serious crime, please act now!


    Sergeant Chris Patts

    Winnipeg Police Hate Crimes Coordinator

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