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Help Alex please!

28 year old paramedic, sports enthusiast, and loving friend Alex Petric loved living life to its fullest. Whether it be playing sports, hanging out with friends, or laying on the beach Alex always took the opportunity to make the best of any situation.

While working extensive hours and overtime, Alex and his girlfriend, Meagan were able to plan a 2 month trip around Central and South America. It was an exciting opportunity for him as he was eager to see the world and share this adventure with Meagan.

Within the first week of the trip Alex was involved in a tragic diving accident while in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Alex was found to have a compression fracture to his T6/T7 vertebrae that caused his spinal cord to stretch and result in paralysis in everything below the injury. Alex was rushed to Panama City where he had emergency surgery to have two rods placed into his back to stabilize the fractures that he suffered. That has now left him paralyzed below the chest. An accident that no one could have seen coming, that has forever changed his life and everyone around him close and afar. Alex’s road to recovery is going to be a long and hard one, but for all of you who know Alex he is one tough stubborn guy!

Since the accident Alex has been transported back home to Winnipeg and is currently being admitted at the Health Sciences Center. The doctors have given him a bleak forecast for the future, in which he may never walk again.

Alex has been accepted to Project Walk in California and is going to do everything in his power to recover as much as is physically possible and make this miracle happen!

Your donations and continued support are what will help Alex make this miracle happen.

Detailed information and other pictures can be found on web-site created by loving friends and family: helpalexheal.com

Thank you for your help!

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