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Donetsk Blogger on ITAR-TASS Disinformation

The following blog was posted in Russian on 28 April 2014 at: http://frankensstein.livejournal.com/510799.html. It describes the attack by pipe-wielding Russian and pro-Russian thugs on a peaceful rally in Donetsk.
The blogger decided to post the story after reading a report of the event in a major Russian paper, which claimed that Ukrainian nationalists had attacked an anti-fascist rally.

At this point I won’t describe what took place today in Donetsk, you can see this in videos, photos, and the news. I’ll only say one thing – that after these latest events, I am now convinced that Russia in fact has always wanted to destroy the Ukrainian nation, as claimed by Ukrainian nationalists.
I confess, I doubted this before. I didn’t consider the Holodomor to be a genocide of the Ukrainian people, even though I could understand why Yushchenko insisted on this version. I always held a more moderate view regarding relations with Russia than did Ukrainian nationalists. But now, thanks to this lesson, I realize that I was mistaken.

After what I witnessed in the past few days, I no longer doubt that Russia has always fully intended to destroy us: by starving to death, by extermination, by assimilation – simply because of our Ukrainian origins. Now I have no doubt whatsoever, because I have seen with my own eyes how they attacked [us] for displaying Ukrainian flags in Ukraine. Now I understand how this happened earlier – in the 30’s, 40‘s, 50’s in the USSR. I couldn’t really imagine this before, but now that I have actually witnessed it myself, I now believe.
Now I know that there is not a word of truth about the Banderivtsi in Soviet history. I understand how they were made out to be monsters, how they were slandered, because I have seen evidence of this with my own eyes. I see how Russia lies now, and I understand that it has always lied. That everything written about Ukraine in Russian books, portrayed in Russian films is lies and slander. If now they can manage to lie in the age of the internet, when all the information is on the web, then what can one say about the 30’s and 40’s . ITAR-TASS wrote that in Donetsk Ukrainian nationalists had attacked an anti-fascist demonstration.

During their Ukrainian rally today in Donetsk, no one spoke in Ukrainian . There were no other flags except for the Ukrainian flag. This was not a confrontation of fascists versus anti-fascists, even if one applies the distorted use of these terms by Russia. This was an attack by Russian Nazis upon Ukrainians for being Ukrainian. It was ethnic cleansing.
Source: http://frankensstein.livejournal.com/510799.html

Below is the page from the announcement by ITAR-TASS (the Russian news agency). It reads: “In Donetsk Radicals Attacked Several Thousand Participants in an Anti-Fascist March. Ultranationalists threw stones at the rally, there are reports that they used grenades. Kyiv, 28 April (ITAR-TASS). People in masks, armed with bats, chains and weapons attacked participants in a march by several thousand in Donetsk, shouting nationalist slogans. The local media reports several wounded. Several dozen ultranationalists began throwing stones at the rally and reportedly also used grenades. When they met resistance the attackers hid themselves.”

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