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Where is Ponomarev?

What happened to the separatist leader who called himself the ‘voice of the people’? From the beginning of the separatist revolt on 12 April, Viacheslav Ponomarev pronounced himself the ‘people’s mayor’ of Sloviansk. He immediately became one of the most ...

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On the Effects of Viewing Russian Television

Russian and Ukrainian viewers react differently to Russian TV coverage. In Russia, where broadcasting is tightly controlled by the state and mainstream media is not allowed to criticize government policy, television shapes the thinking of many viewers. Vladimir Putin, by ...

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Around the world with Ukrainian flag

Добрий день шановні друзі! Hello, dear Media Centre! I live in Halifax with my family. About a month ago we met our friend Sergei Morozov who accomplished his round the world journey in Halifax!! Here is the link: http://thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/1209064-solo-sailor-conquers-globe. There ...

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Про кондомініуми

В останні роки кондомініуми (condominium)стають дедалі популярнішими і цей сегмент ринку нерухомості переживає справжній бум на сьогодні у Вінніпегу. Досить часто люди асоціюють кондомініум  з окремою квартирою. Частково це так, але є свої відмінності. Так, що таке ж таке кондомінімум ...

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Day of Heroes

  There are two pretty interesting holidays in the United States: Memorial Day and Veterans Day. On the former, all veterans of all wars in which Americans participated are remembered. Veterans Day honors all living combatants who have served in the ...

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