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After Ukraine, is Transdniestria next?

 “Do not lose your entry visa, or else you’ll have to pay a €750 bribe to get back into Moldova” said Jacek and Miriam, my new Polish colleagues who accompanied me to the land-locked breakaway state of Transdniestria. The three ...

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Euromaidan – One Year Later

This speech was delivered at the Manitoba Legislature, Winnipeg, on December 7, 2014 ________________________________________ We met here just over a year ago (on December 2, 2013) in the first demonstration of solidarity with the Euromaidan. Since then we have witnessed ...

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MCC increases humanitarian assistance in Ukraine

WINNIPEG, Man. —Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is appealing for donations to significantly scale up its humanitarian assistance in eastern Ukraine. Continued violence and armed conflicts have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes to seek safety in neighbouring countries ...

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Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw

English: http://www.themanitoban.com, By-law 92/2013:  http://winnipeg.ca/ З 1 січня 2015 власники котів та кішок зобов’язані оплачувати ліцензійний збір на свого вихованця. За стерилізованеу тварину оплата складатиме 15 доларів на рік, за нестералізованих –  50 доларів. За недотримання – штраф у сумі 250 доларів. Для собак ...

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Shevchenko’s Image of Jews in “Haidmakas”

In his Haidamaky (Haidamakas, 1841) Taras Shevchenko deals with a historical flashpoint in Ukrainian-Jewish relations. This powerful and controversial early poem describes the great peasant uprising of 1768 known as Koliivshchyna, in the course of which thousands of Poles and Jews were massacred. ...

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