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Putin seeks world domination

Currently the whole world is experiencing a large degree of instability more so because of ISIS, Syria, and Vladimir Putin.   Let us go back to March of 2014, Crimea annexed from Ukraine by Russia, the process was done in violation ...

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Пластунку з Вінніпегу назвали Українкою року в Канаді

Вінніпезька пластунка Оксана Шулякевич – стала Першою Українкою 2015 року за значний вклад у розвиток української діaспори Вінніпегу Alpha Omega Alumnae, a professional university organization has named Oksana Shulakewych “The Ukrainian Woman of the Year” for her volunteer work and ...

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Remember Canada’s internment camps

Article appeared in the Winnipeg Sun on Tuesday, November 10th The Great War of 1914-1918 created difficulty for new Canadians to become natural citizens. Many Ukrainians came from a region that was under the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the start the ...

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The Liberals and Ukraine

A day after the Liberal Party of Canada won the majority of seats in the Parliament in the federal election on October 19th, 2015, many news agencies in Ukraine reported that the newly elected Canadian government would be “pro-Ukrainian”. It ...

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