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Summer Employment at Oseredok

The Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre (Oseredok) is looking for Receptionist / Sales Clerk to work in the boutique during summer 2016 (from Monday, June 20 to Saturday, September 3, 2015). The workweek will be 30 hrs or 6 hrs. ...

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80th of UWO documentary film screening

The National Executive of the Ukrainian Women;s Organization of Canada Ol’ha Basarab, Patron and Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre present A DOCUMENTARY FILM SCREENING 80th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada  its establishment and early years. Sunday, ...

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Pysanka Workshops at Oseredok

Each region, each village, and almost every family in Ukraine has its own special ritual, its own symbols, meanings and secret formulas for dyeing eggs. These customs are preserved faithfully and passed down from mother to daughter through generations. The ...

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Volunteer Opportunity at Oseredok

Осередок Української Культури й Освіти шукає Продавців (посада Добровольця) для крамнички. Час роботи: один день на тиждень (за домовленістю) з 10:00 до 4:00, або півдня з 10:00 до 1:00, 1:00 до 4:00. Основні обов’язки: вітати відвідувачів, приймати телефонні дзвінки, приймати ...

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The Kylymy and Rushnyky Exhibition in Oseredok!

Visit Oseredok’s gallery to see national Ukrainian Kylymy and Rushnyky! Exhibition held over till Christmas! Kylymy (Tapestry Rugs) and Rushnyky (Ritual Cloths) If colour and design in textiles attracts your attention, then this exhibition will pique your interest! The range ...

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Pennies For Our Future

BRING YOUR PENNIES TO OSEREDOK! Every penny collected will be earmarked for the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Foundation, which serves as an endowment fund for the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre, with the sole purpose of supporting Oseredok’s operations in ...

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