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Better Business Bureau serving Consumers, Community and Businesses for 90 years

Canada’s economy prospers by relying on the success of businesses and business achievements are determined by the process of validating the standards of a business to perform an activity. Businesses serve consumers and the community but must be accredited in order to promote their product and service.

Business big or small can get involved in the marketplace by becoming a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There must be an environment where consumers and businesses can trust each other.

In 1930 the Board of Trade now the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce established the Better Business Bureau of Winnipeg. Eventually the BBB expanded its horizon beyond the perimeter of Winnipeg and became the longest serving Bureau in Canada.  The Manitoba branch is one of 101 incorporated non-profit BBB organizations, presently it serves all of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.

What is the purpose of the Better Business Bureau of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario?

Since beginning of the organization, the focus has been helping and educating businesses and consumers to build trust in the community. The objective is to provide transparent information about what is taking place in relationship with businesses and consumers. Also, the vision is an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other, and BBB mission is to be the leader in advancing trust.

What are some of the services that the Better Business Bureau offers?

One of the primary reasons the BBB established itself was to do advertising reviews. Back when it started, the industry felt that the public was being misled. Advertising should be designed specifically to help educate consumers on products and services that they can buy. So, the BBB undertook doing advertising reviews and still does to the present day. In addition, BBB disputes resolutions as a third-party conciliation organization. Better Business Bureau helps businesses and consumers by trying and resolving their issues before they go to litigation.  The objective is to assist businesses and consumers before disputes are escalated to a legal process.

How does the Better Business Bureau accreditation process work?

The BBB is very strict when it comes to holding businesses accountable. As a non-profit organization in the community, Better Business Bureau primary goal is to see that businesses achieve a certified BBB accredited certificate upholding the BBB code of business practices while promoting marketplace trust. Businesses that believe in BBB’s mission and vision can apply for ACCREDITATION, being qualified to perform good business practice.  Better Business Bureau runs an investigation on businesses using the Code of Business Practices that BBB follows.  Businesses must have a minimum track record of six months in business and minimum B rating to be invited to apply for accreditation. Once investigation is processed, BBB takes that information and submits it to a committee of the board of directors, which votes to accept the business into the Better Business Bureau organization.

What are the other services provided by the Better Business Bureau?

One of the main reasons the BBB was established was to deal with fraudulent advertising.  The Better Business Bureau regularly monitors advertising in print, radio and television to ensure that the advertising standards are upheld.  BBB carries out investigations on operational discrepancies in businesses or specific industries. An interactive online scam tracking tool called Scam Tracker finds what types of scams are taking place in communities.  Better Business Bureau provides the ability to identify if businesses have been targeted of a scam so that they can provide detailed information to consumers about frauds that are taking place. The BBB performs investigations and background checks on businesses, and acts as an objective mediator when consumers file a complaint.

Better Business Bureau established a FOUNDATION, what is the purpose?

The BBB of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario is pleased to acknowledge that provincially a Charitable Foundation first of its kind in Canada was formed to educate elementary, middle, high school and post-secondary students along with employees of businesses on the importance of ethical decision making and personal brand.  The program is called LIFT -to lift to a higher level.  Participants are introduced to ethical standards and ethical decision-making program.  This program opens the discussion among peers and defines how better decision making can impact a person in their life.  BBB Foundation is offered free to all businesses who are members of the Better Business Bureau of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.

Len Andrusiak is a successful entrepreneur who learned the value of the BBB firsthand. Presently Len is the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.  Len’s commitment to BBB reaches further than ensuring business transactions representing good value for both buyers and sellers.  Len Andrusiak says that “successful, ethical businesses are the cornerstone of good communities” providing good jobs, teamwork and supporting businesses.

The Better Business Bureau of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario (BBB) symbol on a business website or storefront window is a mark of TRUST, a well-known sign that inspires consumer confidence.  The accredited businesses agree to operate according to a Code of Business Practices that includes assurances they will adhere to ethical standards of honesty and promise to respond to any complaints in a timely fashion.

Better Business Bureau of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario has been building a network of trust in the marketplace for 90 years.

For further information see BBB website:  bbb.org/Manitoba


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