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Berezovsky’s choral con­cer­tos

To whom it may con­cern,

I’m a choral con­duc­tor in Aus­tralia who is try­ing to track down scores of Berezovsky’s choral con­cer­tos and sacred hymns for per­for­mance in 2016. I’ve had no luck find­ing any pub­lished edi­tions avail­able, and am won­der­ing if you would hap­pen to know how they might be obtained. I hope to be able to intro­duce this mag­nif­i­cent (and largely unknown) Ukrain­ian com­poser to a new audi­ence and would be very grate­ful for any help you may be able to offer.

Stu­art G Wright


Please e-mail Stuart at stuart.geoffrey.wright@gmail.com

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