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Around the world with Ukrainian flag

Добрий день шановні друзі!
Hello, dear Media Centre!

I live in Halifax with my family. About a month ago we met our friend Sergei Morozov who accomplished his round the world journey in Halifax!!
Here is the link: http://thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/1209064-solo-sailor-conquers-globe.
There I met Tim Krochak – the Chronicle Herald stuff photographer. He gave me information about you.
Sergei Morozov supports Ukraine. Nowadays Russians and Ukrainians are divided by Kremlin propaganda and old stereotypes. And this gap is getting wider.
Sergei’s mother was Ukrainian and he remember his mom talking to his grandma Ukrainian. As for our family neither me nor my husband have close relatives inUkraine but we’ve been following Euromaidan from it’s start and Ukrainian flag on our deck survived all the Nova Scotia winter storms.
So Sergei told us that one year ago he met Ukrainian TV channel press-people I guess in Indonesia. They was making tv series about this country. They took
hіs interview where he told that he is going to row around the world under Ukrainian flag. Еhe show is going to be issued this Saturday or Sunday (I’m not
sure exactly). Here is a link on this show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TTX9tb43lM (from 20:53).
Also Sergei posted information about this show in his livejournal (it is in Russian): http://navigatorpirate.livejournal.com/785648.html
he was amazed how some of his Russian subscribers reacted on this post. Even there is no politics at all. I think it is the act of great courage from his
I just want to all Ukrainian Society to know about this person!

З повагою,
Natalia Vorontsova

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