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‘Almost Holy’ (Майже Святий) by Steve Hoover at Kinofilm Fest 2017 Opening Night



Directed by Steve Hoover

2015 Ukraine USA, 1 hour and 36 minutes

English & Ukrainian with English subtitles

The Opening Night Reception.

Special guest Gennadiy Mokhnenko.


Thursday, October 12th, 2017

The Metropolitan Entertainment Centre. 281 Donald St, Winnipeg

Doors Open: 6 PM

Reception: 6.30 PM – 7.30 PM

Film Screening: 7.30 PM – 9 PM

Q&A: 9 PM – 10.30 PM

Host: Terry MacLeod.


Tickets: $25.

Kalyna Store. (204) 582-2832. 952 Main St, Winnipeg, MB.

Oseredok. (204) 942-0218. 184 Alexander Ave E, Winnipeg, MB

A portion of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to further Gennady’s work with Ukraine’s homeless children.

 Presented by Zorianna & Eugene Hyworon and Family

Critically acclaimed internationally, Almost Holy is an often harrowing documentary that tracks Gennady Mokhnenko, a larger than life Ukrainian pastor, nick-named “Crocodile,” as he struggles, using all methods at his disposal, to get homeless and drug addicted children out of the sewers and off the mean streets of Mariupol, a city increasingly threatened by the pro Russian rebels fighting in Donetsk.


Winner Best of Festival International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

Grand Prize Art Doc Fest Riga

“It’s about hope in the face of hopelessness, and what drives a man to keep trying to change the seemingly unchangeable”

San Francisco Chronicle

“The best superhero movie of the year”

Village Voice

“a handsomely shot, sometimes harrowing doc”

Screen International

“in the midst of this struggle comes moments of extraordinary beauty

Eye on Film


Gennadiy Mokhnenko 

The scourge of alcohol and drug addiction has reached crisis proportions in Ukraine. Moreover, of all the countries in Europe, Ukraine has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection.

This terrible situation is often accompanied by parental neglect, mistreatment, and abandonment of children who wind up on the street where they are subject to all matter of predation and easily lured into drug and alcohol addiction.

Gennady Mokhnenko, a pastor in the city of Mariupol, in Eastern Ukraine, took up the fight against child homelessness, establishing the largest rehabilitation program (The Pilgrim Republic) for street youth in Ukraine.

In addition, he initiated, with others, a national adoption movement called “You will be Found”.

Gennady is an adoptive father of over thirty children and the author of several books that serve as a call to action for Ukrainians to eradicate the exploitation of  their children.

Gennady’s tireless work has inspired others to confront the misery of homeless children in their own countries.

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