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Alenas Electrical Ltd. supports Russian state terrorism?

While Canadian society trying to stop Russian aggression against Ukraine, Alenas Electrical Ltd., an electrical contractor operating in Winnipeg covered one of their vehicles with patterns very similar to military camouflage, red communist stars, Russian flags and the license plate saying in Russian “HOBOPOC” which might stand for “Novoros” and mean “a citizen of Novorossiya”. Novorossiya, literally, “new Russia”, is a word coined by Vladimir Putin to refer to the parts of South-Eastern Ukraine which he’s trying to occupy. The word is primarily used by Russians who support Putin’s politics and killings of Ukrainians for the establishment of this so-called “new Russia” and the expansion of Putin’s sick imperial ambitions. Russia’s war against Ukraine has so far claimed lives of over 4,000 people with close to a million fleeing their homes since the beginning of invasion in March 2014.


Manitoba Public Insurance’s policy for personalized license plates prohibits the use of “phrases or innuendoes that may be considered offensive or suggestive, or political messages of any description, in any language.”

If you or anyone you know thinks of doing business with this company make sure that your dollars aren’t going to be used to finance war against Ukraine and crimes against humanity!





Apparently Mr. Igor is not even denying his intentions and thinks it’s funny…Let’s start with hundreds of complaints to MPI:

1) Click on this on-line form: http://apps.mpi.mb.ca/english/contact/s_contact/inquiries.asp
2) Share your thoughts. Here’s the template:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to lodge a complaint against a personalized licence plate issued by MPI. The plate in question reads “HOBOPOC”. While the plate lacks meaning when spelt in English letters, this licence plate has very clear political message in Cyrillic, which is the owner’s admitted intent. In Cyrillic, HOBOPOC means a citizen of “Novorossiya”. In turn, “Novorossiya”, literally new Russia, is a term used by pro-Russian illegal armed groups operating in Eastern Ukraine and, their sate-sponsor, Russian Federation to describe the parts of Ukraine they have occupied and aim to occupy in the future. For clarity, these are the same armed groups that are responsible for the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines civilian aeroplane (MH17) on July 17th, 2014. To date, the activities of these groups have claimed the lives of over 4,000 and have been ruled to be acts of aggression by both governments, such as those of Canada, United States, and Netherlands, and supra-national organizations, such as NATO.

Clearly, the licence plate in question violates MPI policy with respect to the prohibition of political messaging. It is also clearly aimed to taunt and insult those who disapprove of these armed groups, most of all people of Ukrainian descent. Furthermore, any doubt about the intent has been removed by the fact that the owner has emailed the publication that first shed light on this matter, thanking them for the “advertising”; the story can be found here (http://www.ukrainianwinnipeg.ca/alenas-electrical-ltd-supports-russian-state-terrorism/). I can only imagine that the plate in question was initially approved in error and trust that MPI will revoke the licence plate at the earliest opportunity.

I thank you for your attention to this matter and eagerly await your response,

UPD3: MPI has canceled “НОВОРОС” plate number!


  1. Hello people,you are in Canada,democratic country!!!And here is not Ukraina, here is FREEDOM ( not freedom to take over country, not freedom to ban languages and TV, here is REAL freedom!

    Maybe you should learn how acept different point of view?
    Ukranians speak about “european values” but act like dictators

    And you know, ” doing busi­ness with this com­pany make sure that your dol­lars aren’t going to be used to finance war against Ukraine and crimes against humanity!” it is so cheap,so cheap!!!

  2. There is word called tolerance.
    Canadian separatists have their own ,legal party, what is your problems???????????

    • Do you see French-Canadians threatening to take over Ottawa, going out and killing English-speaking Canadians using French-supplied weapons, artillery and terrorists? Or are you simply retarded?

  3. This is not a joke!

    Citizens! Lets stay firmly against ukrainian facism and neo nationalism is now developing in Ukraine.

    Recall Germany in 1933, in 1939 and 1945 years. Recall 40 000 000 Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussians, Polish, Hungarians, Czechoslovakians, England, American, Canadian, German and mach more lives we lost in II World War including 22 000 000 of international civil population murdered by german fascism.
    Recall Jewish Holocaust, Recall bombing and destroyed Cities and Villages across Europe and Asia. This is FASCISM. Now it comes to Ukraine and it will spread around the World.

    Citizen. If You want to live safe, if You want to rise your children in safe World,
    DO NOT AFRAID, STAY AGAINST FASCISM and RACISM FIRMLY. Save lives, save Donbas people. All of us – we win!

    • Igor, I wanna ask you a personal question if you don’t mind answering.. Have you been suffering from brain damage?
      I understand that this is your business, your reputation and income but when you decide to affiliate yourself with terrorism you have to be prepared to take responsibility for it. This is Canada and not Russia or Soviet Union, ya know?

    • Ihor is a wingnut!

  4. Очікувана реакція і розвиток теми від власників російського Вінніпегу:


    Одного бідолагу, який ще не знав що форум і його власники є проросійськими, на форумі забанили, що прямо вказує на не бажання власників рахуватися із думкою інших людей, однак самі ж вони постійно торочать про те, що в Канаді потрібно бути толерантними і терпимими. Однобоко, чи не так?

    • Романе, там завжди так…”нацисты”, “беззаконие”, на ФБ наші дії навіть назвали “вандализмом”! Про користувача “Vinodel” якого забанили взагалі смішно, я вчора їм написати хотів, але стримався) Подивіться їх пости про наш Майдан, про відкриття музею прав…
      А Ви думаєте хтось з них хоча б подзвонив цьому Ігореві? Ця частина російської громади може тільки скиглити, при чому “не так” все роблять не тільки українці, а й російські організації.
      ЧЕМОДАН-ВОКЗАЛ-РОСІЯ, а нам з Вами своє робити!

  5. Ihor – do you have brain damage? This is Canada – not Russia.

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