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Ценю свою и чужую свободу (translation)



“Something has happened to Ukrainians” — from 82 % of Russians
Blog posted by vrasty-vgoru. 1 May 2014.

From the moment that Russia began to wage war in Ukraine, and sending armed interventionists into Ukraine and activating death squads in support of its interests, something happened to Ukrainians.

They used to be such decent, pleasant people! Now they denounce us, refuse to understand that Russia has no other choice but has to act as it does.

They do not understand that any other country would have behaved the same way. In pursuit of its goals every country kills its neighbours. And everyone treats this as normal. War should not influence relationships between people. Everyone understands this, except Ukrainians. When we try to explain these simple things to them, one can sense hatred in their comments.

This could not be because they hear on a daily basis how we shout “Glory to Russia!” while kidnapping, torturing and killing people. Just because one man had his belly cut open, a backpack full of sand put on his back and was drowned in the river while still alive, that is still insufficient reason to be rude to Russians who are simply speaking about Russia defending its interests. That hatred had to be deliberately manufactured. The message has been deliberately instilled in Ukrainians that Russians are bad people, but that is not true!

In this year Russians have become much happier! We took back Crimea, showed the entire world that Russia is not a craven creature, but has rights. We compelled NATO to reckon with us. Finally, we started to put our life in order.

We are very sorry that Ukrainians cannot share our joy, like good neighbours. They keep waiting for their neighbour’s cow to die. They show delight when sanctions are introduced against us. How can they behave this way? We are ashamed of them.

We tried everything to make Ukrainians understand us. We asked them not to be so negative, we sent them cheerful cards, we said ‘look: spring, sunshine, flowers,” see how wonderful life is! But they do not listen. They refuse to change. Something has happened to them.

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